Cube Research is a Montreal-based marketing research firm that offers a complete set of quantitative and qualitative services. For over 10 years, Cube has been passionate about delivering clients meaningful data that goes well beyond numbers.

Choosing Cube for your project means partnering with senior research professionals who have successfully completed hundreds of projects for national and international clients.


  • The delivery of accurate, reliable and action-oriented results
  • A team of senior, bilingual and passionate professionals
  • The highest quality standards during each stage of a project
  • An expertise in a wide array of industries
  • A strong commitment to meet each project’s budget and timeline
  • A drive to go above and beyond our clients’ expectations


Each research project is unique and has its own underlying activities that require careful planning and precise execution.
We’re here every step of the way, with nowhere to pass the buck.
That’s our promise.

  1. Understanding and establishing your objectives

  2. Choosing the right methodology

  3. Collecting the data

  4. Conducting rigorous quality controls

  5. Analyzing the results

  6. Presenting the findings and an action plan


In today’s increasingly competitive environment, marketing research has become essential to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Cube Research has made its mark in turning data into intelligence so that our clients can continue to excel in their markets. Cube can be your one stop shop for all your marketing research needs.

Here are a few examples of how we can help:

Measurement and tracking of your market share and that of your competitors

Definition of your market segments using customer segmentation

Website usability testing and visitor profiling

Benchmarking and tracking of customer satisfaction

Market demand and market potential assessments for your new products and services

Evaluating the impact of promotional and advertising campaigns

Employee satisfaction and feedback surveys

Price elasticity analysis

Corporate image and brand tracking



Telephone surveys

When it comes to telephone surveys, no project is too small or too large. We partner with the best when it comes to phone interviews: best-in-class multilingual interviewing staff and strict quality and monitoring standards.

Online surveys

With the rise of mobile computing, the number of operating systems on which an online survey may be accessed has grown considerably. Our online surveys are programmed using industry leading technologies and are optimized for desktop as well as mobile devices. Furthermore, the data is stored right here, in Canada. Whether you have your own list of clients to survey or need us to provide online respondents, we can help!

Mobile surveys

This method is mostly used by companies who already communicate with their customers through mobile devices (by sending them promotional offers, for example), and who wish to ask them a small number of simple and straightforward questions.  


Focus groups

Cube can be your one stop shop for your focus group needs. We have partners across the country with state of the art facilities. Our focus groups are conducted by experienced and bilingual moderators – therefore eliminating the need to deal with multiple moderators and ensuring a consistency across the various groups.

In-depth interviews

Need to deep-dive on a topic or get an in-depth understanding of key issues? Our bilingual researchers can conduct in-depth interviews with various types of respondents, whether employees, customers or high-level executives. We have a proven track record to get to the bottom of things! Our in-depth interviews can be conducted in professional qualitative facilities, or on-site, where the respondent actually is.


Over the years, our team members have made their mark on the market research scene as passionate, experienced and knowledgeable professionals dedicated to offering a personalized approach to suit your business goals. A single point of contact for clients makes for our outstanding project management reputation.

Rest easy, your project couldn’t be in better hands!

Teymour Azar
Organized like no other, nothing is ever left hanging with Teymour.
Pierre Dupuis
With over 30 years of experience, very few things can throw Pierre off in a research project.
Rowena Agouri
Rowena’s multidisciplinary background gives her an insightful outlook on the research projects she undertakes.


Teymour Azar

Teymour’s professional path has enabled him to acquire a unique experience combining business administration with market research. His keen sense of business management allows Teymour to have an overall view of clients’ challenges and opportunities when he manages and executes marketing research mandates. With over 15 years of experience in the marketing research field, first as a research buyer and then as a provider of consulting services, Teymour has rapidly made his mark within the market research community.

Teymour is also a bilingual qualitative research practitioner, enabling him to complete mandates in both English and French. Aside from his marketing research knowledge, his clients appreciate his strong project management skills and his total devotion to each project he undertakes – nothing is ever left hanging.

Education and Affiliations :

HEC Montreal: M. Sc. Administration – Applied Economics
HEC Montreal: B.A.A. – Finance and Applied Economics
Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris: Specialization Certificate – International Business Strategy
Member of the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA)

Pierre Dupuis

Bringing to the table more than 30 years of experience in market research (as a research buyer, a research supplier and a consultant), Pierre has developed an expertise envied by many in the industry. His personal implication in a wide range of qualitative and quantitative research projects has contributed to enlarging his skills over the years. Aside from his consulting skills, Pierre is recognized by his clients for keenly understanding their challenges, having superior analytical skills and being able to anticipate potential roadblocks and offering realistic alternatives to surmount them.

In 1995, Pierre established his own market research consulting firm, RMPD. His goal? To offer expert services in the field by creating a company based on the importance of long-term relationships with his clients. Through his work at Cube Research, Pierre continues to promote this teamwork philosophy with clients and suppliers.

Education and Affiliations :

University of Montreal: M. Sc. Operations Research – Applied Statistics
University of Montreal: B. Sc. Mathematics
CMRP (Certified Marketing Research Professional) member of the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA)

Rowena Agouri

For as long as she can remember, Rowena knew she belonged in the world of research. After a few summer jobs as an interviewer and a translator in marketing research firms, she took on the roles of research agent, project coordinator and consultant for dozens of qualitative and quantitative projects in both private and public organizations. Before diving into market research, she specialized in the fields of psychological health at work, organizational behaviour and effectiveness, and health inequalities.

This multidisciplinary background gives Rowena an insightful and creative take on the projects she tackles. Her management background allows her to have a sensible and comprehensive approach to clients needs. She has been collaborating with Cube since 2009.

Education and Affiliations

HEC Montreal: M.Sc. Administration – Management
HEC Montreal: Specialized Graduate Diploma (D.E.S.S.) – Management
Concordia University: B.Sc. Psychology (Research Profile)


For the past 10 years, many companies of all shapes and sizes have entrusted their market research needs to Cube. Our long-term relationships with our clients combined with the variety of mandates we’ve completed on their behalf have made us more than just a market research supplier for them: we are a business partner. Sounds like a cliché? Not in our case! Here’s what a few of them have to say about us:

"Cube is much more than a research provider to Aimia; it's a true partner, an extension of our research team. Working with Cube is a real pleasure and it comes with a peace of mind. We know the work will be done efficiently and with the highest quality standards."

Audrey Paradis, Director, Marketing Research – Aimia Canada

"Cube Research has been a trusted research partner for YPO Global Pulse, YPO’s international CEO economic sentiment study. Cube has provided exceptional service since the study’s inception in early 2009. "

Heather Way, Research Analyst, Insights – YPO-WPO

"Working with Cube is knowing that my project will be in capable hands. It's knowing that the team will manage and execute it with all the attention it deserves, whether our project is small or large scale. And it’s knowing that the final product will be of  flawless quality."

Caroline Bataille, Senior Specialist, Market Research – Bell

"Cube approaches all projects in a very pragmatic, organized and efficient manner.  More than just providing  sound, reliable data, reports, and insights - Cube is a go to strategic resource to our team."

Alicia Fraser, Manager, National Marketing Research – Sobeys

"Through the various mandates we have worked on with Cube, their team of professionals have consistently demonstrated their solid market research expertise. We particularly would like to underline their rigor, attentive care and flexibility."

Létitia Charvein, Senior consultant, Marketing research – National Bank


3 Place Ville-Marie, Suite 400
Montréal (Qc) H3B 2E3

514-272-CUBE (2823)

Want to learn more about us? You have a potential project you’d like to bounce off us? You were invited to take part in one of our surveys and have some comments on it? We’d love to hear from you!


Protecting the privacy of our clients and study participants, a priority

Protecting private information is a serious matter for companies and individuals and Cube attaches great importance to this matter.

Cube Research is a corporate member in good standing with the Canadian MRIA (Marketing Research and intelligence Association). As such, each of Cube Research’s professionals adhere to the MRIA’s code of ethics.

We execute each mandate in accordance with the MRIA code of conduct, which is summarized in its ten core principles.

We invite you to consult the following MRIA documents for more information:

Download the MIRA’s Charter of Respondent Rights (PDF format)
Download the MIRA’s Code of Conduct and Good Practice (PDF format)
Download the 10 Core Principles of the Code of Conduct (PDF format)

Finally, as per industry standards and applicable laws, personal information gathered by Cube through our studies or through the contact form on our Web site is used solely for the intended purpose and is never shared or passed along to a third-party without the individual’s consent, as is required by law.

For any question, comment or concern pertaining to our privacy policy, do not hesitate to contact us.